Welcome to Hard-wear.

All our transactions via the Internet, the following terms and conditions apply. |
We value our relationship with you as a loyal customer and for us it is therefore of utmost importance that your rights are respected and that you as customer confidence in us can get and maintain.

Hard-wear reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and the content of its website to modify, without the customer in person to inform and without the latter can claim compensation.
The customer will result itself should ensure that no changes have intervened.

All articles by Hard-wear are offered, as fully as possible and in good faith.
All items are 100% authentic and are shipped in original packaging.
The indicated prices are including VAT and excluding shipping costs, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
The pictures and descriptions are displayed so that they form a real image of the product to be purchased by you.

All the items on our website are offered to depletion of the stock.
If a product is temporarily or permanently out of stock, we will inform you as soon as possible and you can still decide a part of, or to cancel your entire order.
"Hard-wear can not be held liable for damage that might result from the temporary or permanent unavailability of an article.

The risk during transport of the ordered article is for Hard-wear.
At the time of delivery of the product, the risk of the product over to you, subject to the legal obligations that are not by Hard-wear can be excluded.

Hard-wear is not responsible for the loss or the damage and / or other damage of any nature whatsoever, which the customer or a third party might suffer as a result of including the transport, delivery, depot, placing , the use or operation of the delivered items.

The delivery of the item is 1-10 working days if in stock.
When the maximum delivery time, for any reason whatsoever, by Hard-wearl 'is exceeded, it will inform you immediately (telephone, letter or e-mail) to notify.
In that case, you have the power to contract with "Hard-wear to dissolve, by writing via e-mail or letter to 'Hard-wear to report.

"Hard-wear" reserves the right to returned items or to take only a portion of the amount already paid to be credited when it is suspected that the product has been opened, used or your debt (other than "Hard-wear or the supplier of the product).

Given its role as intermediary, limited "Hard-wear its guarantee for the delivered goods to the guarantee granted by the supplier.
These suppliers provide the high quality and good quality products.

"Hard-wear will never be held liable for the failure of its suppliers of its obligations with respect to the implementation of the guarantee, including the case of bankruptcy of the supplier.

"Hard-wear is liable only if there is clear negligence and carelessness in handling his clients can be referred.

Hard-wearl "gives you the opportunity to send the ordered item back if you are not satisfied with the size or quality of the article.
You will need seven days time, the product must meet the following requirements:

not worn or used
original tickets are still the product you are
product in the original packaging and properly packaged.

Do you want to exchange an item? Send first e-mail or letter to: info@hard-wear.nl to assess your request or complaint.
We will contact you as soon as possible a solution that can finish the order.

When you want to send an item back to 'Hard-wear, the cost of transportation for the account of the sender (you the customer).
The package should be sent with Postnl.
Responsibility during a return shipment is complete for the sender.
We will do everything to make your order even if you wish to process.

The line "no money back" also applies to "Hard-wear. So you are not satisfied, please return the item and receive a solution or the purchase price as soon as possible at your bank or account. When we bring a return € 7, - administration fee.